New power

from hydropower

We capture methane emissions to unlock a new source of energy from hydropower. Our mission is to stop 30 million tonnes of CO2e emissions being released from hydropower dams and reservoirs around the world by 2030.

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What we do

We work to ensure hydropower’s position as the cornerstone of the energy transition by deploying greenhouse gas mitigation technologies.


Intelligence platform to audit and monitor methane emissions, and provide a financial value for this resource.


Implement innovative strategies to slow down or reduce methane production.


Deploy methane capturing technologies to prevent atmospheric methane emissions.


Generate a new source of energy from captured methane.

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200 million

cars is the equivalent of the total methane emissions produced by water reservoirs.


increased energy generation using captured methane emissions.


the expected annual growth of hydropower to support the energy transition

Our vision is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the world's fresh water reservoirs.

Hydropower is critical for the renewable energy transition.

It will remain the world’s largest source of renewable electricity generation, playing a critical role in decarbonising the global energy system.

But dams emit 13 million tonnes of methane each year.

Biomass at the bottom of reservoirs breaks down without oxygen, producing methane. Methane bubbles rise to the water’s surface, which are emitted to the atmosphere,

Cutting methane emissions is the quickest way to slow global heating.

Methane breaks down in the atmosphere within a decade, unlike CO₂, which remains in the air for centuries. If we can lower methane emissions, we can bring climate change to a rapid halt.

Methane is valuable.

Unlike CO₂, methane can be used to produce energy and generate additional revenues at existing hydropower dams.

Together, we’ll turn off the methane emissions tap
We deliver these solutions through global partnerships with hydropower operators, engineering, procurement and construction companies, regulatory associations and institutional investors.

Who we are

We are a team of engineers, scientists and climate change experts with experience researching, developing, financing and constructing hydropower projects. We are committed to accelerating the energy transition and making hydropower more climate resilient.

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